Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can i use Moozik in my server?

All commands start with the prefix m.
For a list of commands use the command or check the commands page on this website.

2. Why isn't Moozik responding?

1. Make sure that Moozik has Read Messages and Send Messages permission in the channel.
2. Try to use the mention as a prefix, for example @Moozik#2297 prefix
If neither of these work, head over to our support server and we'll help you out.

3. How do i change the prefix?

Use the prefix command.
For example, to change it to ! you would do m.prefix !

4. Moozik isn't making any sound!

1. Make sure that Moozik isn't locally or server muted.
2. Try changing your server's region in server settings. US East and Central Europe are generally the best regions for the bot.
If neither of these solve the issue, head over to our support server and we'll help you out.

5. The bot is lagging!

• Try to change the voice channel, different voice channels use different Discord voice servers which may result in better quality
• Try to change the channel voice region, this can be changed through the channel settings, for more information check out this Discord article
• Check your Internet connection, this can be done with
• If you are on a computer make sure you do not have high CPU usage or CPU spikes as that can also cause stutter
• If you are listening with other people, ask them if the bot is also lagging for them, if it is you might want to join our support server for further assistance

6. I do not hear any sound from the bot!

• Check that you have audio coming from Discord, for instance, check if you can hear anyone else
• Check if either you or the server has muted the bot, this can be seen by the icon next to it (microphone with a dash through it), which is either red (if server muted) or grey (if muted by you)
• Check the Discord volume of the bot, this is done with the volume slider
• Check the bot volume, this can be done with the volume command
• Try to leave and then re-join the voice channel
• Try to use another voice channel

7. What are the bot limitations?

A single queue can have up to 10,000 tracks, this is a limit to prevent abuse and not to limit usage

YouTube playlists will load 100-200 tracks in one go, you can use the selected video and index YouTube query parameter to load the next 200, for instance,

Playlists will load 100 tracks in one go, you can use the --page option with any play command to load another page, for instance, play --page=2

Collections (custom playlists)
A single collection can have up to 10,000 tracks, this is a limit to prevent abuse and not to limit usage You can have up to 50 collections

There are no limits to how long or short (in time) tracks or playlists can be!

8. What permissions does the bot need?

It is recommended to give the bot the administrator permission for the most convenience, this will let the bot respond in any text channel as well as join any voice channel without having to change any permissions.

send messages - To be able to respond to commands
embed links - To be able to respond to commands
connect - To be able to connect to a voice channel
speak - To be able to send audio in a voice channel

9. Can Moozik be used 24/7?

Moozik supports 24/7 as a premium feature with the 24/7 command, this requires the user must vote bot on, check out the premium command for more information.(both free and premium), what a deal!